personal statement.
Kelly believes deeply in the power of art, design and commerce to make the world a more beautiful, humane and meaningful place. She has made a lifelong commitment to integrating the arts into everyday life, and understands the uplifting power of the arts and arts education to infuse all we do with meaning and possibility. Since 1988, she has worked as an imaginative entrepreneur who invents powerful brands, and as a creative design and marketing executive who articulates her client’s core messages through the strategic use of words, pictures and colours. Kelly is recognized as a hands-on leader and designer who can pioneer inspiring product and brand concepts, and can also execute the production, distribution and financial success of the idea. She has a proven ability to start up companies, manage and empower creative teams and deliver year over year growth, exceeding expectations and forecasted projections. Kelly brings an artistic sensibility to everything she does, fostering creative expression in every facet of her work and her community.
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