no.7 :: meditation on colour

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meditating upon a well-rounded collection of colours evokes a deep understanding of transition.  colours guide me gently through the changes in my life, from seasons to holidays to emotions to subtle invocations that i might never fully understand.  It is not one colour but all the colours that fill in the contours of my life, ...

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no. 3 :: planting

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My springtime ritual of planting is more accurately described as rooting plants in pots.  Each spring, around memorial day (the earliest date we can safely plant outdoors in our high-altitude rocky mountain valley), i fill my terra cotta pots with bright orange and pink geraniums.  This year I also added chaotically coloured zinnias. The annual ...

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no. 2 :: beauty in unexpected places

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rushing out the door to catch the school bus one morning in early november, i noticed that our front porch halloween jack-o-lantern was past its prime.  the frigid nights of early autumn in the high colorado mountains had rendered our scary-faced friend puckered and wrinkley. it was time to toss it into into our compost ...

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no. 1 :: the power of colour

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The way a smell can carry your senses away to a distant memory or a place you have never been, that’s the way colour works for me. In a certain way, colour enters through your nose as well as your eyes, and through your skin, your heart, and your soul.  Take, for example, the ripe, ...

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