no 5 :: a relaxing and colourful end to our day at the beach

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one year ago, while vacationing with dear friends at the jersey shore, we wrapped up a fabulous sunny-salty-sandy day at the beach by gathering the kids around the dining room table to paint sea shells we had found along the sea shore at low tide.  for my daughter, ruby, and i, being first time visitors to the shore, this was a new pastime — and one that we thoroughly enjoyed.  while the grown-ups showered, mixed a cocktail and prepared dinner, kids of all ages (5 through 55) wound down (and became ever so quiet) mixing paint and creating designs.  time stood still for the kids and the grown-ups alike while the creativity flowed.  it was the perfect ending to a perfect day.

(p.s. thank you janie, tess and lexi for introducing us to a wonderful, new summertime tradition)


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